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Bach Ad Infinitum

fri 8 apr 2016 13:00 hour
Genre: Baroque
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

A daily programme about the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach with producer Govert Jan Bach and host Joop van Zijl.
Episode 355: the first part of the Hohe Messe by Masaaki Suzuki.

1. Missa 1733, first part of the Hohe Messe BWV 232
– Kyrie: Kyrie Eleison
– Kyrie: Christe Eleison
– Kyrie: Kyrie Eleison #2
– Gloria: Gloria In Excelsis Deo
– Gloria: Et In Terra Pax
– Gloria: Laudamus Te
– Gloria: Gratias Agimus
– Gloria: Domine Deus
– Gloria: Qui Tollis
– Gloria: Qui Sedes Ad Dexteram Patris
– Gloria: Quoniam Tu Solus Sanctus
– Gloria: Cum Sancto Spiritu
Carolyn Sampson, soprano I. Rachel Nicholls, soprano II. Robin Blaze, countertenor. Gerd Türk, tenor. Peter Kooij, bass. Bach Collegium Japan conducted by Masaaki Suzuki
(BIS SACH 1701, 2013)
2. From Cello Suite no. 6 in D major, BWV 1012: 5. Gavotte 1 & 2
Maria Kliegel, cello
Hosted by Joop van Zijl

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