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Bach Ad Infinitum

tue 21 jun 2016 13:00 

A daily programme about the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach with producer Govert Jan Bach and host Joop van Zijl.
Episode 377: Organ music form different periodes from Bach’s life.

1. Prelude en Fuga in D major, BWV 532
2. Ein feste Burg ist unsre Gott, BWV 720
3. Trio sonata in d minor, BWV 527
4. Concerto in d minor (after Vivaldi), BWV 596
5. Trio sonata in e minor, BWV 528
Stefano Molardi, Trostorgan citychurch ‘Zur Gotteshilfe’ from Waltershausen
(Brilliant 94850)
6. Prelude and Fugue in a minor, BWV 543
Stefano Molardi, organ
Host: Joop van Zijl