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Bach Ad Infinitum

mon 5 feb 2018 13:00 hrs

A weekday programme about the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach with producer Govert Jan Bach. Episode 531: This new Bach week begins with the winner of last year, and the first nomination for the Bachcd 2018! It’s the CD ‘Händel Bach – Dixit Dominus Magnificat’ from Vox Luminis.


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
1. BWV 988 Variatio 30, à 1 Clav. Quodlibet
Seldom Sene, recorder

2. Magnificat BWV 243:
I. Magnificat
II. Et Exultavit
III. Quia Respexit
IV. Omnes Generationes
V. Quia Fecit Mihi Magna
VI. Et Misericordia
VII. Fecit Potentiam
VIII. Deposuit Potentes
IX. Esurientes Implevit Bonis
X. Suscepit Israel
XI. Sicit Locutus
XII. Gloria Patri

George Frederick Händel (1685-1759)
3. From Dixit Dominus:
I. Dixit Dominus
II. Virgam Virtutis Tuae
III. Tecum Principium In Die Virtutis
IV. Juravit Dominus
V. Tu Es Sacerdos In Aeternum
VI. Dominus A Dextris Tuis
VII. Judicabit In Nationibus

Vox Luminis: Zsuzsi Tóth, Stefanie True, Caroline Weynants and Kristen Witmer, soprano. Daniel Elgersma and Jan Kullmann, alto. Robert Buckland and Philippe Froeliger, tenor. Sebastian Myrus, bass and Lionel Meunier, bass and lead
(CD Händel Bach – Dixit Dominus Magnificat, Alpha 2017)


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