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fri 1 nov 2019 13:00 hour

Edition 750! In this anniversary edition, host Govert Jan Bach will discuss 750 episodes and seven years of ‘Bach Ad Infinitum’ with former presenter Joop van Zijl.

After he had presented the first 500 editions, Joop van Zijl stopped being a host. Govert Jan Bach took over and started presenting the programme himself. Of course, Joop has always remained an honorary member of the Bach team. It was obvious that we would invite Joop to sit in front of the microphone once again to introduce this 750th edition.

Lately, Govert Jan Bach has played a lot of old episodes via the theme channel again and is quite proud of the series and says it is good to hear Joop’s familiar voice again.

There is a lot of material to reflect on with Joop and what does he think of the new CD by Lucas & Arthur Jussen, which is nominated for BachCD 2019?


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