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Bach Ad Infinitum

wed 12 oct 2022 13:00 

Govert Jan Bach’s weekday programme about the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Episode 1063. At the start of this Bach week, we will hear cantatas for the 1st and 2nd Sunday after Easter, and Die Kunst der Fuge by Geoffrey Madge. On the Thursday of Friday we will broadcast a live recording of the St John Passion, recently performed by Collegium Delft. Today Cantata BWV 112 for the 2nd Sunday after Easter, and lots of Bach on accordion.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
1. Cantate “Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt”, BWV 112
– Chorus – Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt
– Aria (Alto) – Zum reinen Wasser er mich weist
– Recitativo – (Basso). Und ob ich wandert im finstern Tal
– Duetto – (Soprano, Tenore). Du bereitest für mir einen Tisch
– Choral – Gutes und die Barmherzigkeit
Soprano: Hana Blažíková, soprano. Robin Blaze, alto. Gerd Türk, tenor. Peter Kooij, bass. Bach Collegium Japan led by Masaaki Suzuki
(CD Bach Cantatas vol. 52)

2. From Goldberg Variations:
-1 Aria
-2 Var. 1
Fanny Vicens, accordion
(CD Bach Goldberg Variations)

3. Passacaglia in C Minor , BWV 582
Accordion duo Toeac: Pieternel Berkens and Renée Bekkers, accordion
(CD Ben By Bach)

4. Franse Suite nr. 2 in C Minor, BWV 813 (adapted for accordion)
-I. Allemande
-II. Courante
-III Sarabande
-IV. Air
-V. Menuett I & II
-VI. Gigue
Viviane Chassot, accordion
(CD Pure Bach)

5. From Goldberg Variations:
– Var 30 Quodlibet
– Aria da Capo
Vincent van Amsterdam, accordion
(CD Goldberg Variations)

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