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fri 17 feb 2023 13:00 hour

Episode 1140. This is compiled by Jörg Hübert, our contact person at the J.S. Bach Foundation. He created a program about the German tenor Georg Poplutz (see photo).


Find more information about Georg Poplutz here.

Translation from German:
“I know that my Redeemer lives”. Many listeners will now think of the aria with this text from George Frideric Handel’s “Messiah”.
The content of this statement, formed by a deep religious conviction, can first be found in the Old Testament in Job (19-25), later in Paul and in Revelation. In the ‘Alten Bachausgabe’, completed in 1899, there is a solo cantata for tenor with this beginning of the text of BWV 160. The numbering of all cantatas is included in the ‘Bachwerkeverzeichnis’ compiled by Wolfgang Schmieder.
It is interesting what a Bach researcher had to say about this work, which was created more than a hundred years ago for Easter Sunday and whose text was written by Erdmann Neumeister. The Bach biographer Philipp Spitta confirms that the entire composition is a mixture of gentle intimacy and fresh joy of life.
Bach has created a jewel of moving declamation. So praise to Johann Sebastian. But now comes the surprise. However, the credit goes to Georg Philipp Telemann. Research has shown that the attribution to Bach was incorrect and that Telemann is the actual composer. The cantata now has the number 1:877 in the Telemann Werkeverzeichnis’.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
1. Cantata “Ich Weiß, Dass Mein Erlöser Lebt”, TWV 1/877
– 1. Aria
– 2. Recitativo
– 3. Aria
– 4. Recitativo
– 5. Aria
Georg Poplutz, tenor. Telemann-Ensemble Frankfurt conducted by Andreas Köhs
(cd Ich Bin Mit Gott Vergnügt)

Georg Christian Schemelli published in 1736 in Leipzig a hymnal with 954 sacred songs and arias. At that time, he was choir director of the castle in Zeitz, a city in Saxony-Anhalt. Of these songs, 69 have notes consisting of a melody and a bass voice.
Bach’s participation in this songbook is certain, his contribution to it may be that the bass lines with the figures are largely from him, together with some melodies. Of the five Schemelli numbers performed by Georg Poplutz, only the first is considered to be entirely by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
2. Vergiß Mein Nicht, BWV 505
3. Was Bist Du Doch, O Seele, So Betrübet, BWV 506
4. Schaff’s Mit Mir, Gott, BWV 514
5. Ich Halte Treulich Still, BWV 466
6. Jesus, Unser Trost Und Leben, BWV 475
Georg Poplutz, tenor. Telemann-Ensemble Frankfurt conducted by Andreas Köhs
(cd Ich Bin Mit Gott Vergnügt)

Thomaskirche-organist Johannes Lang has been employed in Leipzig for over a year now. In 2016, he recorded the third part of Bach’s “Clavierübung” on the Metzler organ in Gais (canton Appenzell Innerrhoden) with the Vocal Ensemble of the Bach Foundation St. Gallen. On the CD, four-part vocal arrangements are inserted between the chorale arrangements for organ. For each of the selected chorales, Bach wrote a “large” version including pedal and a “small” version without pedal, i.e. manualiter. Today, two “large versions” can be heard, which frame a four-part vocal movement.

7. From Clavierübung III “Organ Mass”:
– Christe, aller Welt Trost, BWV 670
– Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit, BWV 371 – Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist
– Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist, BWV 671
Vocal Quartet of the J.S. Bach Foundation (Lia Andres, soprano. Antonia Frey, alto. Raphael Höhn, tenor. Philippe A. Rayot, bass). Johannes Lang, organ (Metzler AG, Dietikon, 1990 – Catholic Church Gams, St. Gallen, Switzerland)
(cd Clavierübung III Organ Mass Johannes Lang – Vocal Quartet of the J.S. Bach Foundation)

Rudolf Lutz as a composer. He composed his ‘Concerto in D for various instruments’ on commission from the Bach Festival in Leipzig, and it premiered in June 2022. Gudrun and producer Jörg Hübert were present in Leipzig during the premiere, performed by Camerata Bachiensis in the ballroom of the old town hall. We will hear the performance by the ensemble of the J.S. Bach Foundation, conducted by Rudolf Lutz.

Rudolf Lutz
8. Concerto In D for Various Instruments
J.S. Bach Foundation conducted by Rudolf Lutz
(cd Lutzemburgerli Rudolf Lutz)

Johann Sebastian Bach
9. Duet no. 1 in E minor, BWV 802
Vocal Quartet of the J.S. Bach Foundation. Johannes Lang, organ
(cd Clavierübung III Organ Mass – Johannes Lang – Vocal Quartet of the J.S. Bach Foundation)

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