Beat The Music

thu 15 jan 2009 17:00 

Fire works: Rhys Chatham and more.
Recently, we gently slipped into 2009.. although, gently? A suited selection of music to usher in the first days of 2009: ‘Die Donnergötter’ by Rhys Chatham, the ensemble ‘Bang on a Can’, buddhistic ritual music from Tibet, and to conclude a symphony of ship’s horns and church bells from the port of Montréal, Canada.

1. Rhys Chatham. Die Donnergötter.
2. Bang on a Can Ensemble & Kyaw Kyaw. Naing Kyi Nu Bwe.
3. Monks of the Kagyupa and Gelugpa Sects (Tibet). Melody of the Eternal Voice.
4. Paul Steffler & Don Wherry. Ballycatters and Growlers.