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Behind the Dikes

sat 7 jan 2023 20:00 
Composer: Charlie Parker

Dutch jazz


Benjamin Herman (London, May 9, 1968) is a versatile Dutch jazz musician. In 1991 he graduated cum laude from the Hilversum Conservatory of Music. He is best known as an alto saxophonist and bandleader of New Cool Collective. He also plays the flute. His playing is rooted in the bebop of Charlie Parker, Art Pepper and Jackie McLean but contains elements that refer to free jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. His solos stand out for their fat sound due to the very thick reeds he uses. In his choice of repertoire, he prefers catchy themes in which the melody comes first. He constantly crosses lines between traditional and free jazz, between art and entertainment. His work ethic and versatility make him a connecting factor in the music scene.

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