Between Swing and Bop

sun 26 oct 2008 14:02 
Genre: Swing
Composer: Barbara

Born in 1924, vibraphone player Terry Gibbs gained fame mostly because of his performance in Woody Herman’s band. Then, after having worked in various small combos, he formed his own quartet. Pianist Teddy Pollard made her breakthrough as a new big star and her performance attracted a lot of attention, as did her vibraphone duets with leader Terry Gibbs. Extravert swing performances alternated more subdued ballad performances. The repertoire included much of Gibbs’ original works. In this episode, we hear the quartet in recordings from 1955, 1956 and 1964.

Terry Gibbs(vib), Teddy Pollard(p), Herman Wright(b), Bert Dale “Nils Bertil Dahlander” (d).
Recorded: 14 September 1955
1.      Seven Come Eleven  –  2. Lonely Dreams –
3.      Dickie’s Dream  –  4. Nutty Notes 
 Terry Gibbs(vib), Terry Pollard(p), Herman Wright
(b), Jerry Segal(d).
Recorded:  15 June 1956
  5.  Nothing To It  –  6. Haunted  –   7. I’ll Remember
  April  –  8. Then It Happens
Terry Gibbs(vib), Alice McLeod(p), Ernie Farrow(b),
Steve Little(d).
Recorded:  19 February 1963
  9. Button Up Your Lip  –  10. Up At Logue’s Flat –
11. Ballad For Barbara   –  12.  Many Moons Ago    erman