Between Swing and Bop

thu 1 jan 2009 01:00 
Genre: Swing
Composer: Frank Rosolino

Kenton Presents – Part 1.
In 3 episodes we pay attention to a series of LPs released in the mid-50s on the label Capitol under the name of “Kenton Presents”.
In the first part you will hear recordings by the quartet of guitarist Sal Salvador, including Eddie Costa on piano and vibraphone, and the Quintet of trombone player Frank Rosolino in which alto Charlie
Mariano played an important solo role.

Sal Salvador Quartet.
Sal Salvador(g), Eddie Costa(p/vib), Kenny O’Brien
(b), Joe Morello(d).
Recorded: 21 July 1954
1. Round Top
2. Yesterdays
3. Cabin In The Sky
Sal Salvador(g), Eddie Costa(p/vib), Jimmy Gannon(b), Jimmy Campbell(d).
Recorded: 9 October 1954
4. Wheels
5. Nothing To Do
6. Autumn In New York
7. Boo Boo Be Doop
8. Down Home
9. Violets For Your Furs.
Frank Rosolino Quintet.
Frank Rosolino(tb), Charlie Mariano(as), Walter
Norris(p), Max Bennett(b), Stan Levey(d).
Recorded: 4 & 5 May 1955
10. Frenesi
11. Moonlight In Vermont
12. The Missus
13. There’s No You
14. Taps Miller 
15. Slan
16. Stairway To The Stars
17. The King Fish