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Between Dreams and Reality

tue 10 mar 2020 21:00 
Composer: Georges Enescu

Feeling the Fin-de-Siècle: ROMANIA…

Episode 3: George Enescu and his works Andantino, two intermezzi, opus 12 and Piano Quartet No. 1, opus 16 (1896-1909).

1. George Enescu – Andantino.
Romanian Radio National Orchestra led by Horia Andreescu.

2. George Enescu – Two Intermezzi, for strings, opus 12 from 1902-1903.
String section of the ‘George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra from Bucharest led by Cristian Mandeal.

3.George Enescu – Piano Quartet No. 1, opus 16 from 1909.
Tammuz Piano Quartet.

4. Iosef Ivanovici – Carl Ludwig March, opus 129.
Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra led by John Georgiadis.

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