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Between Dreams and Reality

tue 7 apr 2020 21:00 
Composer: Georges Enescu

Part 7:  George Enescu. In this episode we’ll continue our journey with chamber music by the young jonge George Enescu. Octet, opus 7 & Early chamber music, 1895-1906.


  1. Octet for 8 string players, opus 7.

Viotta Ensemble string players

  1. Tarantella, 1895

Tatiana Samouil, violin. Claudia Bara, piano.

  1. Aubade, 1899.

Tatiana Samouil, violin. Gérard Caussé, viola. Justus Grimm, cello.

  1. Légende, 1906

Fréderic Mellardi, trumpet. Claudia Bara, piano.

  1. Pastorale, minuet and Nocturne, 1899, no. 3.

Tatiana Samouil, violin. Carmen-Elena Rotaru, piano.

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