Between Dreams and Reality

tue 26 jan 2021 21:00 

Part 40 (ending): Hans Pfitzner and Richard Strauss, orchestral works, 1890-1931.

In this final episode about Hans Pfitzner, we will hear orchestral works by him and Richard Strauss.


  1. Hans Pfitzner. Das Fest auf Solhaug, 1889-1890, 2nd prelude
  2. Pfitzner, Das Kätchen von Heilbron, Op. 17a, overture.
  3. Richard Strauss. Guntram, Op. 25, overture.
  4. Richard Strauss. Feunersnot, Op. 50, Liebesszene.
  5. Hans Pfitzner. Das Herz, Op. 39, Liebesmelodie.
  6. Hans Pfitzner. Kleine Symfonie, Op. 44, No. 1 and 4 (encores).
    Bamberger Symphoniker conducted by Werner Andreas Albert (1 and 6).
    Das Orchester der Deutschen oper Berlin conducted by Christian Thieleman (2 – 5).
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