Between Dreams and Reality

tue 27 apr 2021 22:00 
Composer: Josef Suk

Feeling the Scandinavian Fin-de-Si√®cle: FINLANDIA…

Works from the Czech violinist and composer Josef Suk (1874-1935).

Today, an episode dedicated to the Czech violist and composer Josef Suck (1874-1935).

  1. Josef Suk – Piano trio opus 2 Josef Suk. 1. Allegro 2. Andante 3. Allegro assai
    Suk trio Jan Panenko piano, Josef Suk Violin, Josef Chuchro Cello.
  2. Josef Suk РProhadka: About the faithful love of Raduz and Mahulena and their sorrow, The game of the swans and peacocks, Funeral music, Runa’s curse and how it was broken by love.
    Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Vaclav Smetacek
  3. Josef Suk РQuartet movement in B flat major                                                                 
  4. Josef Suk – Meditation on the old Czech chorale St Wenceslos
    Suk Quartet
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