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Between Dreams and Reality

tue 14 sep 2021 22:00 
Composer: Ernest Chausson

Fin de siècle, impressionism, expressionism, industrialism, futurism, in short, between dream and deed there are laws that stand in the way and practical objections, and also melancholy, which nobody can explain…


This broadcast features French composer Ernest Chausson.

  1. Ernest Chausson; Concerto for violin, piano and string quartet; Décidé; Sicilliene; Grave; Finale: Tres animé;
    Isabelle Faust, violin; Alexander Melnikov, piano; Salagon Quartet
  2. Ernest Chausson; Poeme pour violon et orchestre;
    Isabelle Faust violin; Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester; dir. Marko Letonja.