sun 5 oct 2014 17:00 
Composers: Huib Emmer | Oene van Geel

230 Volt: Contemporary Electronic Music #22. Music by Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel, Huib Emmer, Vance Orchestra, Opiate en O Yuki Conjugate.

01. Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel – Sinus en Snaar. (Banabila, Michel / van Geel, Oene).
CD: Music For Viola And Electronics. Tapu Records/003TR.
02. Jorg – Room. (de Man, Jorg).
CDr: Esc.rec.36. esc.rec. / esc.rec.36.
03. Martin Hoogeboom en Theo Calis ‎- Roughness Is Part Of Human Life. (Hoogeboom, Martin / Calis, Theo).
33xFile: SOS Save Ms Stubnitz Release. Ms Stubnitz/none.
04. Michael Mayer – Sully. (Mayer, Michael).
LP+CD: Pop Ambient 2013. Kompakt/Kompakt 269.
05. Biosphere – Nook & Cranny. (Jenssen, Geir).
CD: Cirque. Touch/TO:46.
06. Huib Emmer – Quiet Village. (Emmer, Huib).
33xFile: SOS Save Ms Stubnitz Release. Ms Stubnitz/none.
07. Vance Orchestra – Wallflower. (Part 2). (Wellink, Mars / Deters, Robert).
CD: The Walls Are Whispering Volume II. EE Tapes/ee05.
08. Andreas Berthling – While Brent Was Out In The Kitchen. (Berthling, Andreas).
CD: Tiny Little White Ones (Like Handfuls Of Salt). Mitek/mitek03cd.
09. Bretschneider + Steinbrüchel – Function. (Bretschneider, Frank / Steinbrüchel, Ralph).
CD: Status. 12k /12K1033.
10. Brendon Anderegg – Memorize The Following II. (Anderegg, Brendon).
CD: Anomia. Apestaartje/staartje 013.
11. Opiate – Insert. (Knak, Thomas).
LP: While You Were Sleeping. April Records/APR059LP.
12. O Yuki Conjugate – Flute Cloud. (Hulme, Andrew / Elliott, Clare / Horberry, Roger / Horberry, Tim).
CD: Primitive. Staalplaat/STCD 074.
13. Lorenzo Pezzella – Amb 17. (Pezzella, Lorenzo).
File: Sonic Arts Award | PIARS 2013. Fratto9 Records/none.