Bonum Est

thu 29 nov 2012 18:00 

Bonum Est: a programme on Gregorian Chant. Songs for Advent.

In Bonum Est’s episode 103 you will hear Advent songs with tuneful corrections on releases which are more than 100 years old.
On the picture below: the book with these corrected hymns – the ‘Graduale Novum’ – is being handed to the Pope.
1. introitus "Ad te levavi"
2. graduale "Universi"
3. alleluia "Ostende nobis"
4. offertorium "Ad te Domine"
5. communio "Dominus dabit" 
6. introitus "Populus Sion"
7. graduale "Ex Sion"
8. alleluia "Laetatus sum"
9. offertorium "Deus tu convertens"
10. communio "Jerusalem surge"
11. introitus "Gaudete"
12. graduale "Qui sedes"
13. alleluia "Excita Domine"
14. offertorium "Benedixisti Domine"
15. communio "Dicite pusilanimes"
16. introitus "Hodie scietis"
17. graduale "Hodie scietis"
18. offertorium "Tollite portas"
19. communio "Revelabitur"
Schola Gregoriana Monacensis led by Johannes Berchmans Göschl
CD: Prope est Dominus – Advent in Gregorian Chant
(EOS CD7456, 2010)