Bonum Est

wed 14 nov 2012 14:00 
Genre: Gregorian Chant
Composer: Gregoriaans

Bonum Est: a programme on Gregorian Chant. Eastern Liturgies 16 – Father Dositheos (1912-1991).

In the 99th episode of Bonum Est you will hear historical recordings of one of the shining examples of Byzantine liturgical music: the blind Father Dositheos (picture on the right) of the holy mountain Athos.

1. Lord I Have Cried – 1st Tone
2. Lord I Have Cried – 2nd Tone
3. Lord I Have Cried – 3rd Tone
4. Already The Pen Of Sentence Is Dipped – 4th Plagal Tone
5. Aposticha – 4th Tone
6. Together With The Archangels – 2nd Tone
7. Your Grace Illuminated – 4th Tone
8. The Holy Fathers – 4th Plagal Tone
9. Aposticha – Plagal 2nd Mode
10. Oti Sotira Etekes – Grave Mode
11. O Joyous Light – Ancient Melody
12. Of Old the Prophets – Grave Mode
Pater Dositheos
The blind Athonite master of Byzantine Chant
(mp3-collectie van http://analogion.com)
Picture at the bottom: fragment of Dositheos’ Byzantine Braille Code