Bonum Est

thu 10 jan 2013 18:00 
Genre: Gregorian Chant
Composer: Gregoriaans

Bonum Est: a programma about Gregorian Chant. Eastern Liturgy 17 – lakovos Nafpliotis (1864-1942), Konstantinos Pringos (1892-1964) and the Old School of the Patriarchate in Istanbul.

Episode 106: if the history of patriarch song in Istanbul would be based on sound recordings then it would start with lead singer Iakovos Nafpliotis. He was the first Orthodox singer who was recorded systematically.
1) The Divine Liturgy
1. Ton despotin, Ichos Varys (IN)
2. Kyrie eleison, Ichos Devteros (IN)
3. Georgios of Crete: Dynamis Trisagion "Holy God, Holy Strong, Holy Immortal", Ichos Devteros (KP)
4. Evangelics, Ichos Tetartos (phthora nisabur) (IN)
5. Cherouvikon "We who mystically represent the cherubim", Ichos Protos (KP)
6. Se ymnoumen "With hymns", Ichos Plagios Protos (KP)
7. Axion estin "Indeed, it is true", Ichos Devteros (IN)
2) Stichira
8. Iakovos Protopsaltes: Doxastikon Ἀτενίσαι τὸ ὄμμα "Looking in the face of heaven", Ichos Plagios Tetartos (IN)
9. Doxastikon Ἀναστάσεως ἡμέρα "On the day of the resurrection", Easter, Plagios Protos (IN)
10. Doxastikon Σήμερον προέρχεται "Today arrives", 14 September, Triumph of the Cross, Plagios Devteros (KP)
3) Irmoi
11. Χριστός γεννάται "Christus is geboren" slow heirmos, 1st ode (Canon for Christmas), Ichos Protos (IN)
12. Konstantinos Pringos: Axion estin, Ichos Plagios Protos phthora acem kürdî (KH)
13. Tὴν πᾶσαν ἐλπίδα μοῦ "All my hope", slow heirmos, 1st Ode (Akrostichon Theotokos), Echos Devteros (IN)
14. Petros Bereketis: Irmós kalofonikós, echos υαρ (KP)
4) Addition:
15. Troparion by Kassia (Doxastikon, Wednesday in the Holy Week), Ichos Plagios Tetartos (KP)
IN: Iakovos Nafpliotis (Orfeon records, 1911-1939)
KP: Konstantinos Pringos (Metamorfosis Volos, 1958)
KH: Kostas Haralampopoulos (Neo Herakleio Attikes, 1977)

(above:) Arhon Protopsaltis Iakovos Nafpliotis on Orfeon Records 1911-1939
(below:) Voudouris’ transcription by Iakovos Nafpliotis’ Paas Doxastikon