Bonum Est

wed 9 jan 2013 14:00 

Bonum Est: a programme on Gregorian Chant. Eastern liturgies 18 – Coptic Christmas in Cairo.

In episode 107 of Bonum Est you will hear the choir of the Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo (see picture) with Coptic liturgical music. This music, in an uninterrupted oral tradition, would take us back to the era of the faraos.
1. Hiteni Efschi
2. Scherii
3. E Parcenus
4. Pe Gen Mici
5. A Pen Chois
6. Agios O Theos
7. Alleluja
8. O Seio Aphschai
9. Pi Hib Emi
10. Hiteni Eprisvija
11. Aphini Naf
12. Alleluja Ismu E Efnoti
13. Ge Ephis Maro Ot
14. Amen Alleluja
Choir Of The Theological Seminary and St. Mark’s Cathedral, Cairo
CD: Liturgy Of The Coptic Orthodox Church – Christmas
(Christophorus CHE 0181-2, 2012)
15. Asia Minor Dance Suite – Taximi Kiourdili Hijazkiar
16. Asia Minor Dance Suite – Zeibekikos "Whenever You See Two Cypress Trees"
Socrates Sinopoulos, Lyra. Pericles Papapetropoulos & Amin Ala Gabu
CD: Lyra; Constantinople, Cretan, Pontic
(FM Records FM 678)