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mon 28 dec 2015 11:00 hour

A programme about Gregorian chant. Episode 148: Benedictine monks of Norcia.

In Bonum est episode 148 you will hear the latest CD by the Benedictine monks of Nursia.
After almost 200 years there is a Benedictine monastery again in Nursia since 2000; next to other things, this enables them to receive the many pilgrims who want to come and visit the birthplace of Benedict of Nursia.
Benedict of Nursia lived from 480 to 547 and he is seen as the "patron saint of Europe". Around 527 he founded the monastery at the Monte Cassino, about 125 miles south of Nursia. That’s where he wrote his famous "Rule of Saint Benedict" and where he died. 
1. Ave Maria Virgo Serena (Sequence)
2. Dominus Possedit Me (Capitulum)
3. Nihil Inquinatum (Responsory)
4. Ait Dominus (Antiphon)
5. Beatissimae (Responsory)
6. Regali Ex Progenie (Antiphon)
7. Solem Justitiae (Responsory)
8. Ecce Virgo Concipiet (Capitulum)
9. Gaude Maria (Responsory)
10. Gabriel Angelus (Antiphon)
11. Sancta Et Immaculata (Responsory)
12. Rubum Quem Viderat (Antiphon)
13. Alma Redemptoris Mater (Antiphon)
14. Tuam Ipsius Animam (Antiphon)
15. Cui Comparabo Te? (Capitulum)
16. Vadis Propitiator (Responsory)
17. Ave Regina Caelorum (Antiphon)
18. Laetare Virgo Mater (Antiphon)
19. Regina Caeli (Antiphon)
20. Concordi Laetitia (Hymn)
21. Benedixit Te (Capitulum)
22. Vidi Speciosam (Responsory)
23. Ave Maria (Responsory)
24. Ave Maris Stella (Hymn)
25. Nos Qui Christi Iugum (Antiphon)
26. Salve Regina (Antiphon)
The Monks of Nursia
CD: Benedicta – Marian chant from Norcia
(Universal Music Classics 4811733, 2015)
photo above: the San Benedetto Church in Nursia
photo below: the Pope receives the first bottle of Birra Nursia

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