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Bonum Est

mon 28 mar 2016 11:00 hour

A programme about Gregorian chant. Episode 151.

In Bonum est 151 you will hear liturgical music form Egypt. The Copts, the Christian people of Egypt, are proud of their ancient orhodox-christian culture and of their own musical heritage. Psalm 151 is very important in the Coptic Holy Week (the week before Easter) and features prominently in this broadcast, together with hymns that are performed in relation to this Psalm
according to Coptic tradition.
Until the Arab rule of 641, Egypt was a bilingual country and therefore Coptic hymns can be sung in three different languages today: Coptic, Greek and Arabic. The hymns are strictly monophonic, according to the Coptic (miaphystic) dogma. Coptic cantors
practice for years to master a perfect monophonicity. Only at the festive cimaxes are the hymns adorned with the soft sounds of thecymbal and triangle.
In this broadcast you will hear both the traditional Coptic hymns and the modern hymns in all three languages:
01. Penchois
02. Tenouoschet
03. Psalm 151
04. Gen Ouschoot
05. Aripsalin
06. instrumental
07. Tenen
08. Aida in Anafora
09. O give my light (Arabisch)
10. Song of praise to Pope Shenouda (Arabic)
11. Chere ne Maria
track 01, 02 & 11
Choeur de l’Institut d’Études Copte, Maison des Cultures du Monde, direction Michael Ghattas
CD: Egypte Hymnes de ‘Église Copte Orthodoxe
(INEDIT W 260151, 2014 )
track 03
Ensemble David, Institut du Monde Arabe, direction Georges Kirollos, solo Ibrahim Ayad
CD: Egypt, Liturgies Coptes
(Harmonia Mundi, IMA 321022, 1999)
track 04 & 07
Monks of Saint Macarius Monastery
“Night Vigil in the Desert”
produced by: Yves Touati, Ziv Naveh
CD: Saint Macarius Monastery, Psalmodia,
(Musica Sancta Ltd., Tel Aviv, no number or year indicated)
track 05 & 06
Ensemble David, Institut du Monde Arabe, direction Georges Kirollos, solo Ibrahim Ayad
CD: A miracle of hymns
("David Audio"-Magdy Daoud, no number or year indicated)
track 08
Aida in Anafora, Coptisch Cultureel Centrum Cairo
(private recording, 1998)
track 09
Jubal Koor, Virgin Mary Church in Ain Shams, Cairo (with thans to father Johanna Fawzil)
(cassette without label or year)
track 10
Choir of the Mar Girgis Church in Quali, Cairo
(cassette without year or label)

image 1: Choir of the Institut d’Études Copte, direction: Michael Ghattas (with white shirt), to his left: Nagy Moussa, the great singer of Alexandria and blind advisor to the choir.
image 2:Coptic St. Marc-Cathedral in Cairo.

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