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Carib Calling

fri 2 mar 2018 21:00 CET
Composer: Duke Ellington

Special Guest: Vincent Henar. Music from Suriname, Caribbean and South America. A program based on an idea by Noraly Beyer, around a ‘Special Guests’ that can determine the theme and the music themselves.

Special Guest: Vincent Henar.
Musician, bandleader, bassist …

Afro Caribbean Roots Connections.

Noraly Beyer.

Vincent Henar is the founder of Fra Fra Sound, and the director of Fra Fra Big Band.

Fra Fra Sound mixes jazz, African rhythms, dance music from the Caribbean and Surinamese Kaseko and brings together a wide range of melodies, grooves and themes from different cultures in a jazz setting.

Fra Fra Big Band was established to celebrate Fra Fra Sound’s ten-year anniversary. The original line-up of the seven musicians of Fra Fra Sound is supplemented with other musicians in the Big Band. These can be special soloists with specializations such as african drum, a brass section or jazz.

Since 2011 Vincent Henar can call himself ‘Ridder in de Order van Oranje Nassau’. He received the award as a token of appreciation for how he and his band managed to give the city of Amsterdam and the multicultural society a face, for his role as ambassador for Dutch and Surinamese culture and for his commitment to (young) music talent and musical education.

Play list:
– Sparrow Dead, the Mighty Sparrow.
– A Drum is a Woman, Duke Ellington.
– What else can you do with a drum, Duke Ellington.
– Tushi mi dushi, Fra Fra Big Band.
– Global Worming, Sonny Rollins.
– Jamento, Monty Alexander.
– Masannah, P.I. Man & memre buku.
– Un dia bonito, Eddy Palmeiri.
– Sa-Ra-Ma-Ka, Robby Faverey, Stanley North Pole & Friends.
– Funky Nassau, The Beginning of the End.
– Bidjilo Park View, Fra Fra Sound.

Production & direction:
Cobie Ivens.

Thanks to:
Salto Amsterdam.

Saturday 10 March 2018, 03:00 and 22:00

Producer & presenter:
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