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sun 2 jul 2017 09:00 hour

New releases attracting international attention.

Guitar Vibes – guitarist Izhar Elias plays music by Brouwer, Pujol, Sierra and Maier.

In this broadcast: Izhar Elias, a guitarist in great demand. He plays an enormous variety of guitar music: early music, chamber music and certainly contemporary music. He works together with people from many different disciplines, from dance and film to theatre.

His versatile instrument has its roots in various classical styles, but also in folk music, and this versatility is clearly audible on the album Guitar Vibes. According to Elias, the guitar is, for sure, the most popular instrument on the planet, which he proves with music from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Europe, and with music influenced by classical music, avant-garde, Caribbean music, flamenco, Arabic music, blues, tango and even trip-hop and heavy metal.

01:31 Leo Brouwer – Tres Danzas Concertantes

16:20 Máximo Diego Pujol – Guernica Suite

29:56 Roberto Sierra – Tríptico

43:18 Florian Magnus Maier – Schattenspiel
















Izhar Elias, Dutch Chamber Orchestra, Matangi Quartet, Florian Magnus Maier

A Brilliant Classics edition– 95484BR (2017)


Produced by:
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