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CD of the Week

New releases attracting international attention: Marcel Worms, New Blues for Piano.

For quite some years now, pianist Marcel Worms has been devoted to the kind of classical music which is influenced by jazz. Because the blues plays such an important role in jazz, he thought it would be a fun idea to give commissions to mostly Dutch composers to compose blues or blues-like music for him. The first series was published by the end of 1996 and premiered by Worms at the best known jazz venue of Amsterdam, the BIM-huis. In the following years he also invited international composers to join the project every time he met them during his many tours through the USA, Swiss, Lebanon, China, Azerbaijan, Israel and so on.

In this hour a selection of tracks from the album Twenty Years of New Blues for Piano.

Read more at Vereniging Klassieke Zaken.

01:26 John Wolf Brennan – Silly Blooze

06:57 Abdala El-Masri – J’Imali Wali

11:36 Gao Ping – Blue Mask

18:51 Michiel Braam – Worms is back!

21:35 Michael Finnissy – Honky Blues

24:23 Misha Mengelberg – What’s next

26:25 Gilberto Mendes – Warum Blues

30:33 Justino Chemane – Nganda Blues

34:09 Theo Loevendie – The barpianist

40:19 Faradsch Karajew – ….Monsieur Bee Line-eccentric

45:10 Jacob ter Veldhuis – Honky Tonk Blues

47:37 Jacob ter Veldhuis – Off and On situation Blues

49:31 Joey Roukens – Blues on a Bright Background

57:09 Anat Fort – Marce Bars



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