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Chronicle of Dutch music

wed 31 dec 2014 20:00 hrs

This time, with a live recording, which we made at the Bethanien convent in Amsterdam on 18 September 2011.
The title of the concert is: ‘Dutch Masters’.

1. Jeff Hamburg (geb. 1956). 
Hashkivenu (2002), for. string quartet.
Paul Medeiros & Wiesje Nuiver, violin. 
Hanah Strijbos, alto. Doris Hochscheid, cello. 
2.  Bernard Wagenaar (1894-1971). 
Die chinesische Flöte (1919), three Chinese songs in the German translation of Hans Bethge:
Martha Bos, soprano. 
Doris Hochscheid, cello. Frans van Ruth, piano. 
3.  Henriëtte Bosmans (1895-1952). 
Cellosonate (1919).
Doris Hochscheid, cello. Frans van Ruth, piano. 
Recording technique: Joost Kist. 
Production: Martijn Comes.

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