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Chronicle of Dutch Music

wed 1 may 2019 19:00 hrs

Mainly works by Belle van Zuylen (Madame de Charière) (1740-1805).


1. Belle van Zuylen. Airs et Romances.
Madelon Michel, soprano. Fania Chapiro, fortepiano.

2. Belle van Zuylen. Sonata in C, opus 2 no. 2.
Fania Chapiro, fortepiano.

3. Belle van Zuylen. Minuets for 2 violins, viola and b.c.
Utrechts Barok Consort.

4. Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Le rosier.
Madelon Michel, soprano. Fania Chapiro, fortepiano.

5. Domenico Cimarosa. Sonata in E-flat.
Fania Chapiro, fortepiano.

6. Giuseppe Sarti. Gloria in Piva.
Gruppo Vocale Musica Laudantes conducted by Riccardo Doni.
Luca Micheli & Marco Ruggeri, organ.

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