Chronicle of Dutch Music

wed 15 may 2019 19:00 

Works by Johannes Schenck (Amsterdam ca. 1656 – Düsseldorf ca. 1712/16).


1. From: Le Nymphe di Rheno (1702): Sonata no. 11 in G.  
Wieland Kuyken and François Joubert-Caillet, gamba.

2. From: L’Echo du Danube (1706): Sonata no. 2 in a.
Trio Sonnerie.

3. From: Il Giardino Armonica (1691): Sonata Terza in g.
La Suave Melodia.

4. Parts from the opera ‘Bacchus, Ceres and Venus (1686).
Camerata Trajectina conducted by Louis Peter Grijp.


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