Chronicle of Dutch Music

wed 29 jan 2020 19:00 
Composer: Joris Geurts

Works by Joris Geurts (born 1958).


1. String Quartets (2009/11).
Peter Bogaert & Paul Hendriks, violin. Eva Suslikova, viola. Ewout van Dingstee, cello.

2. Eight very short pieces (1984), voor piano.
David Manesse, piano.

3. Flute songs (2012).
Marieke Schneemann, flute.

4. Wo Songs (2009/12), for alto and double bas.
Marie Reuten, alto. Pieter Smithuijsen, double bas.

5. Movement, voor String trio.
Athena Norcia, violin, Stephan Knies, viola, Carin Nelson, cello.

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