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Chronicle of Dutch Music

tue 5 jul 2022 21:00 
Composer: Rudolf Escher

Music by Dutch composers or performers: Rudolf Escher (1912-1980).

1. Sinfonia In Memoriam Maurice Ravel (1940).
The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra led by Lucas Vis.

2. Arcana, suite for piano (1945).
Theo Bruins, piano.

3. Air pour charmer un lésard, opus 28 (1953).
Jacques Zoon, flute.

4. Chants du désir (1951).
Cora Canne Meijer, soprano. Thom Bollen, piano.

5. Six épigraphes antiques (part 1) (1975/77).
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra led by Ed Spanjaard.

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