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Chronicle of Dutch Music

Music by violinist and music collector Willem Noske (1918-1995), episode 2. Works by Groneman, Graaf, Petersen, Schwindl & Brandts Buys.


  1. Albertus Groneman (1710-1778). Violin Sonata No. 12 in G. Willem Noske, violin.
  2. Christiaan Ernst Graaf (1723-1804). String Quartet in G, op. 17 no. 3. String Quartet conducted by Willem Noske.
  3. David Petersen (ca. 1651-1737). Two Suites. Ensemble conducted by Willem Noske.
  4. Friedrich Schwindl (1737-1786). Trio Sonata in B-flat, op. 5 no. 1. Sonata de Camera Willem Noske.
  5. Jan Brandts Buys (1868-1933). Romantic Serenade, op. 25. Willem Noske & Piet Nijland, violins. Herbert van der Velde, viola. Godfried Hoogeveen, cello.
  6. Jacques Ibert (1890-1962). Two Interludes (1946). Willem Noske & Ensemble.
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