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Chronicle of Dutch Music

This episode of Chronicle of Dutch Music will be dedicated to music ensemble Camerata Trajectina, who will celebrate their 50th jubilee this year. Back then, they held concerts in the Netherlands, Flanders and other places in Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia and Ghana. Camerata Trajectina recorded six records and over 40 CDs with Dutch music. In this episode, you’ll hear a small selection of their works, including their lustrum-production Stalparts Italiaanse reis.

Camerata currently consists of:
Saskia Coolen (recorder & viola da gamba), Nico van der Meel (tenor),
Cassandra Luckhardt (viola da gamba), Constance Allanic (viola da gamba & harp),
Arjen Verhage (lute & zither). In Stalparts Italiaanse reis, vocalists
Klaartje van Veldhoven, Wendy Roobol, Sytse Buwalda and Berend Eijkhout
joined as guest performers. 


Stalparts Italiaanse reis, Camerata Trajectina:

(Recording: Theo van Soest).

Luca Marenzio.  Ziet hier de morgen met haer roode wangen.

Luca Marenzio.  Hoe vrolijck, hoe blijde maeckt nu lucht en aerde.

Luca Marenzio.  Lacht en verheugt u nu / Gracy Jesu Meester.

Giovanni de Macque. Partite sopra Ruggiero.

Anonymous.  Passomezo d’Italye.

Giovanni Gastoldi.  Een Jager nieu te veld, sagh ick dees dagen.

Giovanni Gastoldi. S. Alloynus Bavo.

Luca Marenzio.  De Salamander op den dach van S. Laurens.

Giovanni Gastoldi.  Instrumental suite with balletti.

Camerata Trajectina and Ensemble Oltremontano:

Tielman Susato. Pavane sur la bataille.

Anoniem. Slaet op de trommele.

Help nu uself, so helpe u Godt. 

Den 2e Psalm van Ducdalbe.

Maximilianus de Bossu.

Wilhelmus (arr. L. Grijp).


Camerata Trajectina:

Jacobus Clemens non Papa (ca. 1510-1555).

Die Voghelkens.

Die Lustelijcke Mey.

Meysken wil die vechten.


Camerata Trajectina and Ensemble Oltremontano:

Anonymous/Adriaen Valerius. Merck toch hoe sterck.


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