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Chronicle of Dutch Music

Music by Dutch composers or performers. Springtime!

1. Otto Ketting. Printemps, for strings (2003).
Radio Chamber Philharmonic conducted by Thierry Fischer.

2. Jan Burger.
Wijnanda Burger, piano.

3. Annette Kruisbrink. Suite de printemps.
Annette Kruisbrink, guitar.

4. Peter Schat. Lenteconcert, opus 36 (1993/2001).
Eleonore Pameijer, flute.
Het Gelders Orkest conducted by Neal Stulberg.

5. Jan Burger. 2 spring pieces:
a. Lentestemming. b. Lente (voor vader).
Wijnanda Burger, piano.

6. Arie van Lienen. Lente.
Peter Pot & Peter van Lienen, accordion. Philip Baumgarten double bass.

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