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Contemporary Music

mon 7 feb 2022 19:00 

Contemporary Film Music

Nico Muhly.

Besides being a composer, Muhly is also pianist, conductor and arranger and he feels at home in several different types of musical corners. From opera to film music and from violin concertos to indie-pop.


1  Nico Muhly: Four Studies; Angela en Jennifer Chun violin, Nico Muhly piano/keyboards

2. Nico Muhly: I drink the air before me; part 3 Salty Dog end part 4 Varied Carols.

3. Nico Muhly: Violin concerto First Light; Norwegian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Pekka Kuusisto

4. Nico Muhly: From here on out; Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edwin Outwater