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Classical Matters

thu 5 mar 2020 19:00 

A selection of the CD releases discussed in the bimonthly Klassieke Zaken (Classical Matters).

Works by composer Claudio F. Baroni, originally from Argentina.

Baroni studied piano and sonology at the Universidad de Humanidades y Artes de Rosario Argentina, and at the Conservatory in The Hague, where he was taught by Gilius van Bergeijk.


1. Perpetuo Motum voor string quartet (2013).
Dedicated to and performed by Quartetto Prometeo.

2. Solo VIII-Air, for organ (2016).
Ezequiel Menalled & Claudio Baroni, organ [Organ park].

3. In Circles II (2007/15).
Ensemble Modelo62.


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