Combo Swing

sun 2 sep 2007 16:00 
Genre: Swing
Composer: George Gershwin

Art Tatum Trio.
In the first episode of this new programme featuring recordings of small swing groups, the focus is on pianist Art Tatum’s trio, which he formed in 1943. His choice for guitar player Tiny Grimes and bass player Slam Stewart turned out to be a very good one and the combo became very successful. In 1944 a large number of records were made, a selection of which can be heard in this programme.

  1. I Got Rhythm                 Gershwin / Gershwin     
  2. Cocktails For Two         Coslow / Johnston
  3. I Ain’t Got Nobody       Graham / Williams          
  4. After You´ve Gone        Creamer / Layton
  5. Moonglow                      Mills / Hudson / DeLange   
  6. Deep Purple                    Parish / De Rose                
  7. I Would Do Anything
                 For You               Williams / Hill / Hopkins     
  8. Tea For Two                  Caesar / Youmans                       
  9. The Man I Love              Gershwin / Gershwin        
10. Body And Soul               Heyman / Sour / Eyton     
11. I Know That You Know Caldwell / Youmans       
12. On The Sunny Side Of
                 The Street             Fields / McHugh                
13. Flying Home                   Goodman / Hampton      
14. Dark Eyes                        Ferraris                           
15. Boogie                              unknown                               
16. Topsy                               Durham
/ Battle
   CD: Past Perfect 220144