Combo Swing

sun 15 jun 2008 14:02 
Genre: Swing
Composer: George Gershwin

The Lionel Hampton Small Groups – part 2
In this programme, the second part about the records that were made for RCA-Victor by vibraphone player Lionel Hampton in the late 30s. The groups changed a lot which shows a sampling of the most prominent soloists from that period.
This time, a broad choice from the production in 1939.

1.  It Don’t Mean A Thing        Ellington / Mills                
  2.  High Society                        Steele / Melrose
  3.  I Can’t Give You Love        Hampton / Evans            
  4.  Shufflin’ At the Hollywood
 Hampton / Reuss             
  5.  Sweethearts On Parade         Lombardo / Newman         
  6.  Denison
Swing                      Lionel Hampton               
  7.  Ain’t Cha Comin’ Home      Bernardi / Hathaway     
  8.  Twelfth Street Rag               Bowman / Razaf                
  9.  Memories Of You                Blake / Razaf                 
10.  When Lights Are Low          Carter / Williams               
11.  One Sweet Letter From You  Warren / Clare / Brown
12.  Hot Mallets                             Lionel Hampton           
13.  Early Session Hop                  Wilson / Harding           
14.  I’ ve Found A New Baby      Palmer/ Williams          
15.  Four Or Five Times              Gay / Hellman              
16.  The Munson Street Break-   Lionel Hampton               
17.  I Can’t Get Started               Duke / Gershwin                
18.  Gin For Christmas                Lionel Hampton                
19.  Dinah                                    Lewis / Young / Akst