Combo Swing

sun 20 jul 2008 14:02 
Genre: Swing
Composer: Don Redman

The Lionel Hampton Small Combos ( Finale ).
This programme’s recordings are a selection from what was produced during a number of studio sessions in 1940. The strengths became smaller and smaller and Hampton himself was often the main, and sometimes even the only, soloist. The end of his association with the Victor label came with a final day of recording in April 1941.

  1.  Shades Of Jade                        Toots Mondello                 
  2.  Till Tom Special              Hampton/Goodman/Christian  
  3.  Flying Home                            “          “                 “       
  4.  Save It, Pretty Mama                Don Redman                    
  5.  Tempo And Swing                  Gladys ampton Hampton            
  6.  House Of Morgan                   Lionel  Hampton          
  7.  I’ D Be Lost Without You       Southern / Hampton         
  8.  Dough Rey Mi                      Southern / Hampton / Cole  
  9.  A Ghost Of A Chance         Young /Crosby/ Washington
10.  Jivin’ With Jarvis                   Lionel Hampton               
11.  Just For Laffs                         Hampton/Bresler/Salzman
12.  Martin On Every Block            Lionel Hampton              
13.  Pig Foot Sonata                       Hampton
/ Burley            
14.  Lost Love                                 Hampton / Callender        
15. Altitude                                     Hampton / Ashby             
16.  I Nearly Lost My Mind            Hampton / Jones               
17. Fiddle Dee Dee                           Lionel Hampton           
18. Smart Aleck                              Hampton / Ashby            
   RCA LP’s  42417  C,D,E,F