Composer of the Month

thu 8 apr 2021 16:00 
Composer: Michail Glinka

Compiled by our Classical Music desk.

In April, the Composer of the Month is the Russian composer Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857).

  1. Variations on a theme by Mozart (1822).
    Marielle Nordmann, harp.
  2. Three fugues for organ (1834).
    Alexander Fiseisky, organ.
  3. Viola sonata in D minor (1825/28).
    Yuri Bashmet, viola. Mikhail Muntain, piano.
  4. Two songs: a. El├ęgie. b. I recall a wonderful moment.
    Boris Christoff, bass. Gaston Marchesini, cello. Alexander Labinsky, piano.

5. Finally, the third act of the opera ‘Ivan Susanin’ (1834/37).
The RAI in Milan’s Solists, Choir & Orchestra conducted by Alfredo Simonetto.

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