Concertzender Live

November Music 2006 #5.
Tonight the fifth episode of a series of many. During the festival November Music which took place in Den Bosch in the autumn of 2006, the Concertzender recorded a total of 17 concerts.
At first a double concerto of piano player Jan Michiels and Ensemble Gending. Next These fragments I have shored against my ruins by Paul Oomen.

de Toonzaal 19 Nov. 2007
Ensemble Gending olv Jurrien Sligter.
1. Roderik de Man. Antara benua dan benua.
Jan Michiels, piano.
2. György Ligeti. Fém.
3. Claude debussy. Cloches à travers les feuilles.
4. György Ligeti. L’escalier du diable.
5. György Ligeti. Entrelacs.
6. Olivier Messiaen. L’île du feu I.
Ensemble Gending olv Jurrien Sligter.
7. Jonas Bisquert. Nina bobok bagi pentagin.
8. Dody Satya Ekagustdiman. Bata.
Jan Michiels, piano.
9. György Ligeti. Galamb Borong.
10. György Ligeti. Fanfares.
11. Claude Debussy. Pagodes.
12. György Ligeti. Automne à Varsovie.
13. György Ligeti. Entrelacs.
14. Olivier Messiaen. L’île du feu I.
Ensemble Gending conducted by Jurrien Sligter.
15. Klaus Kuiper. Celana.
Sound engineering: Martijn Eekels. Production and editing: Kees van de Wiel
Verkadefabriek 19 Nov. 2007
16. Paul Oomen. These Fragments I have shored against my ruins.
Vocaal Laboratorium. Wiek Hijmans. guitar. Jos Zwaanenburg, flute. Paul Oomen, electronics.
Sound engineering and editing: Wim Havermans. Production: Kees van de Wiel.