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November Music 2006 #6.
Tonight the sixth episode of a series of many. During the festival November Music which took place in Den Bosch in the autumn of 2006, the Concertzender recorded a total of 17 concerts. Today The Bauer Melody of 2006, the concert of the Ensemble Neue Musik der Musikhochschule Münster and some snatches of Rob Zuidam’s Der Hund door de Helling and the Doelen Ensemble.

De Toonzaal 15 Nov 2006.
Ensemble Neue Musik der Musikhochschule Münster conducted by René Gulikers.
1. Michel van der Aa. Quadrival.
2. Manfred Trojahn. Tre Canti.
3. Mathias Steinauer. Rumori cardiace.
4. Jacqueline Fontyn. Sul cuor della terra.

Verkadefabriek 18 Nov 2006.
The Bauer Melody of 2006.
Bauer (Berend Dubbe and Sonja van Hamel) and Ensemble conducted by Martin Fondse.
1. Bouillabasse of brilliance.
2. Sunburned teeth.
3. It’s getting better.
4. Boring pictures.
5. At the door.
6. Blissfully up.
7. Save.
8. Here come the Germans.
9. I’m no prototype.
10. Captured in a spinningwheel.
11. Don’t think about it to much.
12. Snow in spring.
All compositions: Berend Dubbe and/or Sonja van Hamel.

Verkadefabriek 17 Nov. 2006.
De Helling / Doelen Ensemble.
Rob Zuidam. Der Hund. (snatches)
Sound engineering and production all 3 concerts: Kees van de Wiel.

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