Concertzender Live

mon 4 aug 2008 14:00 

November Music 2007 #7.
Musical report of the contemporary music festival ‘November Music’, edition 2007. Today the focus on the composer portrait of Chiel Vleggaar, performance includes the Vocaal lab and the Nieuw Ensemble and you will hear My utradeep I by Marco Ciciliani, performed by Bakin Zub. Both are recordings made by the Concertzender.

Giel Vleggaar.
1. Intro
Giel Vleggaar: tape.
2. Aiming for Ecxstacy (2005).
Frank Wingold: electric guitar.
3. Intermezzo.
Giel Vleggaar: tape.
Drowning (2006).
Nederlands Vocaal lab conducted by Henry Kelder.
5. Intermezzo.
Giel Vleggaar: tape.
6. Atomic UFO Saves The day (Again) (2007).
Mark Haanstra: bass guitar. Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Lucas Vis.
7. applause and finale
Giel Vleggaar: tape.
Recording and editing: Kees van de Wiel. Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal, 18-11-2008.
Marko Ciciliani.
8. My Utradeep I.
Bakin Zub:
Marko Ciciliani: composition, electronics. Barbara Lüneburg: e-violin, alto violin. Michael Blank: electric guitar. Mark Haanstra: bass guitar. Arnold Marinnissen: percussion, musical saw, voice. Claire Gallagher: sound.
Recording: Glenn Mogot. Editing: Kees van de Wiel. Verkadefabriek Kleine Zaal, 18-11-2008.