Concertzender live!

sun 5 may 2013 10:00 

A recording of the Amstel Quartet with minimal music under the title: ‘Minimal tones, maximum reach’.
A recording made by the Concetzender during the Grachten Festival 2012 at the Compagnietheater, Amsterdam.

1. Michael Nyman (born 1944). A selection form his Second String quartet (1988), in an arrangement for David Roach’ saxophone quartet.
2. Renske Vrolijk (born 1965). Lachrymae (2009).
3. Michael Torke (born 1961). May (2010).
4. Gerard Beljon (born 1952). Greetingz (2011).
5. Terry Riley (born 1935). Parts from Salome, dances for peace (1985/87).
Amstel Quartet: Remco Jak, soprano sax. Olivier Sliepen, alto sax. Bas Apswoude, tenor sax. Ties Mellema, baritone sax.
Recording: Sabrina ter Horst.
Production: Kees van de Wiel