Concertzender Live

Electra with Whirly Girls from Eindhoven and Dutch Chamber music from Amsterdam.

1. Lucas Wiegerink. Shame. 
2. Renske Vrolijk. Whirly Girls 1. Fearless Glider Girl en Whirly Girls II, Glamorous Navigatrix.
3. Vanessa Lann. Micro-föhn or Witches Words and the Wind.
4. Michiel Mensingh. Guns ‘n Rosie.
Electra consists of: Monica Germino, violin and voice. Tatiana Koleva, percussion and voice. Michaela Riener, voice and electronics and Susanna Borsch, recorder and voice.
Recording 27 april 2012 in Plaza Futura, Eindhoven. 
Production and technique: Kees van de Wiel. 
5. Piet Ketting. Trio Sonate (1928)
Karomina Ogrodowska, flute. Moniek Schippers, bass clarinet. Frans van Ruth, piano 
6. Max Knigge. If the River was Whisky (2006/07)
On the viola Molly Jaz. Doris Hochscheid, cello and Servaas Jessen, contrabass.
7. Hendrik Andriessen. Concert Spirituel (1966/67) On flute Barbara Merlijn. Oboe, Gerlieke Aartsen. Violin, Marit Vliegenthart and on cello, Doris Hochscheid.
Recording 14 januari 2011. Conservatoire of Amsterdam, Sweelinckzaal. 
Technique: Joost Kist and production: Kees van de Wiel.