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Concertzender Live

sat 4 jan 2014 22:00 

Klavan Gadjé in concert during the Hout festival, in Haarlem on 16 June 2013.

Today the second concert that the Concertzender recorded during the Hout festival of Sunday 16 June 2013. The festival is a contemporary festival, with free entry and because of that an accessible open air festival in Haarlem with a strong global component in the programming.
You will hear the gipsy band Klavan Gadjé.
Klavan Gadjé is live really an experience. With a cartload of musical influences, they stirred up figurative festive bonfires at among others Lowlands, Oerol, Paaspop, de Gentse Feesten, in the concerthall Melkweg and on 16 June during the Hout festival. Their debut album, released in 2010, got the name ‘Brand’ (fire). Suddenly, you understand why they travel all over the country in a bright red fire truck. 
We will not name all ten musicians, but here are the names of a few band members:
Paul Berk, baritone saxophone
Roel Bettonviel, guitar, vocals
Pieter van der Geest, vocals, percussion
Loek van Gent, accordion, baritone

  1. Dan’s Freilach, (Bratsch)
  2. Liefde (love), (Klavan Gadjé)
  3. Hersencel (brain cell), (Klavan Gadjé)
  4. Zandloper (hourglass). (Klavan Gadjé)
  5. In principe (in principle), Klavan Gadjé
  6. Haide rakia, Klavan Gadjé
  7. Hier is Klavan (here is Klavan), Klavan Gadjé
  8. Geven (give), Klavan Gadjé Juancho Valenci
  9. Naar buiten (go outside), Klavan Gadjé
  10. Blokkie, Klavan Gadjé
  11. Dansen (dance), Klavan Gadjé
  12. Ik ben weg (I am gone), Klavan Gadjé
    and because the concert is too short, an encore:
  13. Geld en Vrouwen, (money and women) Klavan Gadje
    Cd. Harre jasses Hotel, Klavan Gadjé,  (2012). Music & Words. CUP 8948.
    Live recordings of Klavan Gadjé, 16 June 2013, Houtfestival, Haarlem, Houtpodium.
    Recording technique: Wijnand de Groot