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Concertzender Live

thu 26 dec 2013 16:00 

November Music 2012 #13.
The last of thirteen episodes with live recordings of about all the concerts that took place during the November Music festival 2012.
Today a.o. Frederic Rzewski with music by Frederic Rzewski and electronic music by Hans Kulk and Roel Funcken.

Frederic Rzewski.
1. The Road (Mile 39, A Friendly Dispute) (2002).
2. The Road (Mile 47, A Walk in the Woods) (2002).
3. The Road (Mile 48, Why?) (2002).
4. The Road (Mile 51, Notes from the Underground) (2003).
5. Nano Sonata #28 – It can be Done) (2008).
6. From Greaves (2012).
7. A Mensch.
Frederic Rzewski: piano.
Live-opname door Glenn Mogot  on 11 November 2012 in Music centre the Toonzaal in ’s-Hertogenbosch
8. Hans Hulk. 24 h.
Hans Hulk: electronics.
Recording by the composer.
9. Roel Funcken. Sineac Sonore Mix.
Roel Funcken: electronics.
recording by the composer.
10. Richard Barrett. Life-Form (2012)
Arne Deforce, cello. Richard Barrett, live electronica.
Live recording by Cees Sterrenburg on 10 November 2012 at the Hervormde Kerk in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.