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Recordings of concerts in the Netherlands, made by the Concertzender. Recordings of early music concerts. This time 3 recordings of the Early Music Festival 2015: Vox Luminis & Mezzaluna and the Fabulous Fringe concerts by Fons Harmonicus and Geoffroy & Alibert.

A) Vox Luminis en Mezzaluna – ‘The triumphs of Oriana’
1. Thomas Bateson – When Oriana walked
2. George Kirbye – With angel’s face
3. Thomas Morley – Arise, awake
4. Ellis Gibbons – Round about
5. Richard Carlton – Calm was the air
6. Daniel Norcombe – With angel’s face
7. Ellis Gibbons – Long live fair Oriana
8. George Marson – The nymphs
9. Thomas Morley – Hard by a cristal fontain
10. John Farmer – Fair nymphs
11. William Byrd – Susanna fair
12. Thomas Weelkes – As Vesta was
13. John Hilton – Fair Oriana
14. John Lisley – Fair Cytherea
15. William Cobbold – With wreathes
16. Richard Nicholson – Sing shepherds all
17. Robert Jones – Fair Oriana
18. John Wilbye – The lady Oriana
Vox Luminis conducted by Lionel Meunier and Mezzaluna conducted by Peter van Heyghen
date: 4 September 2015
location: Geertekerk Utrecht

B) Fabulous Fringe: Fons Harmonicus
In ‘Sacra Fantasia’ baroque works by Frescobaldi, Böddecker, Muffat and J.S. Bach with highly imaginative variations.
19. Toccata (improvisation)
Philipp Friedrich Böddecker (1607-1683)
20. Sonata sopra la Monica
Georg Muffat (1653-1704)
21. Sonata a violon solo
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
22. Sonate in E minor BWV1023
– [ ] – Adagio – Allemande – Gigue
rimg4360-geaendert Fons Harmonicus.jpgFons Harmonicus: Asuka Sumi, violin. Maximiliano Segura Sánchez, cello. Panos Iliopoulos, harpsichord (picture on the right)
date: 4 September 2015
location: Grote Zaal, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht
C) Fabulous Fringe: Geoffroy & Alibert, harpsichord
Clément Geoffroy and Gwennaëlle Alibert play music by Jean-Philippe Rameau in ‘Concerts et Symphonies à deux Clavecins’.
Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
23. Parts from Castor et Pollux and Dardanus:
– Ouverture
– Ritournelle
– Air pour les Athlètes
– Entrée d’Hébé
– Menuet
– Prélude
– Marche pour les différentes nations
– Les Tendres Plaintes
– Entrée pour les Guerriers
– Tambourins
Jean-Philippe Rameau
24. Concert no. 3:
– La Lapoplinière
– La Timide
– Tambourins
Clément Geoffroy and Gwennaëlle Alibert, harpsichord
date: 31 August 2015
location: Grote Zaal, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht

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