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sat 6 feb 2016 02:00 hour

Sahara blues group Tamikrest in concert.

Today in Concertzender Live! you will hear a concert by Tamikrest from Mali, recorded on 31 January 2013 in Rasa, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Tamikrest is one of the best Sahara blues groups of the moment.
Its members are Ousmane Ag Mossa, vocals and guitar, Aghaly Ag Mohamedine, percussion, Paul Salvagnac, guitar, Cheigh Ag Tiglia, bass guitar, Wannou Wallet Sidaty, backing vocals, and Ibrahim Ag Mahed Salam, drums.
The band Tamikrest is a group musicians originating from Mali and founded in 2006. Tamikrest combines Western rock and traditional Tuareg music into a hypnotic groove and they sing in Tamashek.
Please keep listening until the very end because as a surprise Bassekou Kouyaté and N’goni Ba play with them during the last encore.

  1. Admidinin, Ousmane Ag Mossa (05:39 – 5:29)
  2. Fassousse,  Ousmane Ag Mossa  (07:15–07:00)
  3. Alhoriya, Ousmane Ag Mossa (07:58 – 07:30)
  4. Aratan N’Adaghe, Ousmane Ag Mossa (06:38 – 06:21)
  5. Outamachak, Ousmane Ag Mossa (08:05 – 07:48)
  6. Toegift 1, Tamikrest (0:12:30 – 0:10:08)
  7. Toegift 2, Tamikrest (0:08:40 – 0:08:08)

Live recording of Tamikrest, 31 Januari 2013, Rasa, Utrecht.
Recording: Wijnand de Groot
Producer: Oriane van der Heijden.

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