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Concertzender Live

Recordings of concerts in the Netherlands, made by the Concertzender. Two recordings of early music concerts of the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2015: Ferrabosco’s madrigals by Cantar Lontano and Orpheus Brittanicus by Dorothee Mields and Stefan Temming.

A) Orpheus Brittanicus by Dorothee Mields and Stefan Temming
1. A tune in ye mad lover
Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
2. ‘Tis women makes us love, a catch
Johann Christoph Pepusch (1667-1752)
3. Corydon:
– Recitativo
– Aria Vivace
– Recitativo
– Aria Allegro
Henry Purcell
4. A slow air by ye late Mr. Purcell
5. The plaint: O let me weep
6. Ye gentle spirits of the air
Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713)
7. Sonata no. 10 in F major (as played by Mr. Babell):
– Preludio: Adagio
– Allemanda: Allegro
– Sarabanda: Largo
– Giga: Allegro
– Gavotta: Allegro
Henry Purcell
8. Celia hath a thousand charmes, Z 609 (from: The Rival Sister)
9. Celia hath a thousand charmes by ye late Mr. Purcell
10. John come kiss me now
11. trad: Greensleeves
Dorothee Mields, soprano. Stefan Temmingh, recorder. Axel Wolf, lute. Sebastian Wienand, harpsichord
Recording: 3 September 2015
Location: Geerte Church, Utrecht
Engineering: Cees Sterrenburg
Production: Wijnand de Groot
B) Ferrabosco’s madrigals by Cantar Lontano
Alfonso Ferrabosco (1543-1588)
12. Forse anchor fia che sospirando dica
13. Mentre ti fui si grato (6 parts)
14. Sound out my voice passaggiato sopra Vestiva i colli del Palestrina
15. O dolcissimo bacio
16. Susanna fair alla bastarda
Girolamo Cavazzoni (ca.1525-na 1577)
17. Ricercar primo
Alfonso Ferrabosco
18. Scoprir√≤ l’ardo mio
19. Se voi siete il mio sol risposta
20. Poi ch’io non poss’amore
21. Poi ch’io non poss’amore
Cantar Lontano and RossoPorpora conducted by Marco Mencoboni, harpsichord in collaboration with Cristiano Contadin, viola da gamba
Recording: 6 September 2015
Location: Pieters Church, Utrecht
Engineering: Anton Visser
Production: Wijnand de Groot