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Concertzender Live

tue 3 mar 2009 21:00 

On February 5th last, Olthuis & Van Veenendaal took a new course by combining jazz with a touch of opera. Their concert series ‘Études voor Opera & Fameuze Duo’s ‘ (Études for Opera & Famous Duos) began at the Bethaniën Monastery in Amsterdam.

In ‘Etudes voor Opera’, the singer and the actor tell the story in a music theatrical form in which music and text are equal to each other. Besides the narrator, the actor is also a musician and will recite and sing his text. The singer doesn’t act: her character takes shape through her voice, the music and the texts. The compositions have been composed especially for these nights by  Albert van Veenendaal, Esmée Olthuis and Hans Hasebos. Performing artists: Kristina Fuchs (vocals), Kevin Walton (actor), Esmée Olthuis (saxophones), Hans Hasebos (marimba, percussion), Albert van Veenendaal (piano) and Alan Purves (drums, percussion).
Recording technique: Anton van Halderen